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Events Exhibits & Beyond provide professional services for the planning and implementation of out-of-town event programs and services. Our value as a destination management company primarily rests in the extensive knowledge of the local area as well as its professional relationships and local resources. We are of great help to a corporate event and meeting planner who has been charged with coordinating the out-of-town event.  

In addition to providing local expertise, we will also act as one key contact throughout the event planning process.

As a local consultant, our services fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Invitation & Guest Management

  • Program Design: Venue selection and booking, organization of event activities, and event decor

  • Vendor selection and supplier price negotiation

  • Logistics Management: Site inspection, event timeline, and schedule, transportation, coordination of guest arrivals and departures

  • Event registration

  • Coordination of Tours & Activities

  • Accounting and more

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Corporate Event Planner Miami Las Vegas Nashville


While the objectives of corporate events can vary from Educational or Promotional to Ceremonial, the underlying goal of all corporate events is to create a positive image in the eyes of the target audience. 


Our role is to take the stress off of you, the client, by managing the infinite number of decisions that go along with any corporate event.  We will make your event less stressful and more successful. 


Event planning services can include virtually every detail of the event to your specifications and budget. 


We will manage:

  • Theme

  • Location

  • Entertainment

  • Catering

  • Online and Site Registration

  • Logistics

  • Floor Plans

  • Run of Show

  • And more...


Sample of Corporate Events: 

  • Meetings

  • Trainings

  • Fundraisings

  • Conventions

  • Event Registrations

  • Silent Auctions

  • Product Launches

  • And more...


We offer complete design services, detailed planning, extensive experience, production, and fabrication of visual communications solutions for corporate interiors, tradeshows, and events.


Our visuals offer a surprising animation effect to create a memorable experience.

We understand that each brand requires visual solutions customized to their marketing strategy and the particularities of their brand.

Our team of creatives, designers, and architects are experts in custom design and creating unique concepts, whether it’s following an existing idea or starting from scratch.

Our Services:


Furniture Rental

Labor and Equipment Rental

Audio & Video

Graphics and Displays

Custom & Standard Rental Solutions

Custom Booth and Stand Design

Setup & Execution

Union Labor Knowledge

Booth Management / Brand Ambassadors

Strike & Packing

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