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White Party Wellington




Our objective is to help organizations conduct efficient and distinguished events while attracting new donors and making current donors proud of their support.

What makes Pilar Pava Events unique? First, we have years of experience working with non-profit events ranging from 19 people gatherings to grand balls of over 2,500 attendees.

We understand organizations and understand the communication that it's needed to ensure success. In addition, we will liaise with the organization's leadership to understand current challenges. 

We will assist with the planning, design, and production or simply be an observer offering the benefit of our experience.
We will conduct market research, gather information, and assist in negotiating contracts prior to closing any deals. 

We are available to review timelines, vendors, budget, marketing, printing materials, partnerships, sponsorship, logistics, media relations, promotions, registration, auctions, volunteers & staffing. In addition, we can organize a post-event review and assist with a strategy for donor follow-up. In addition, we will ensure compliance with insurance, legal, health, and safety obligations.

Pilar Pava Events team can assist event day with setting up, managing registration, auction, stage management, donor relation, and proactively handling any arising issues and troubleshooting any emerging problems on the event day.

We will provide a post-analysis of the event, make recommendations for improvements, and then assist event staff in executing the changes for the next event.


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